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NASA Killer Krawler 1:5 Scale Build




This is a continuation of my NASA RC project. After using my AX10 for a couple of shows, I finally got all of the parts needed to build their 1:5 scale large crawler (rover).


They decided to go with the Killer Krawler 100% alloy rig. This kit is sold through RC4WD for a great price. Tom was helpful getting the order though for NASA.


It comes in very nice packaging and the first thought when you take the parts out is WOW.


Killer Krawler New Parts



There are no instructions, but there are 4 bags labeled 1-4 and Tom posted an excellent walk-through over on RC4WD.


It's actually a simple build with all the pre-assembled axles and chassis, but I took everything apart and thread-locked all the screws with blue Loctite. It was also recommended to grease up the gears real good too so I did that as well.


Assemble a Killer Krawler - loctite


Killer Krawler Loctite Axles



Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 | -->


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