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Traxxas Slash Brushless Upgrade



I bought one of the original 2WD Traxxas Slash's that came out for my son and have never been unhappy with it. Through almost 3 years this Slash has seen it all, from tracks, to trees, to riverbeds, to Slash consuming puddles (lakes) of water.


I have replaced the brushed motor in this many times, the motors are cheap, but now he is 3 years older and needs more speed. Plus, I was not going to buy anymore non-lipo batteries. So it was time to upgrade.


I decided to go with Castle's SCT/3800 combo. (Part 010-0090-00)


Castle SCT 3800 Brushless ESC Motor



First thing to do was remove the old gear. This is as simple as unplugging the old ESC from the receiver and motor and a couple of easily accessible screws to remove the speed control.


Upgrading Slash to Brushless




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