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RC How To:

Savage X / FLM Extended LCG TVP's



Adding these Twin-Vertical Plates (TVP) may seem like a daunting task. Taking the Savage completely apart. You do take it down quite a bit, but it can be taken apart in big chunks.


Remove the engine first, and then start unscrewing the screws in the chassis The front and rear can be removed with just a few screws. Bulks, arms, towers and all. (See picture below)


The radio box and transmission next and you are ready to begin.




Parts used:

FLM 45100 - Extended Chassis
FLM 45110 - Skid plate
FLM 45700 - Engine plate
HPI 86386 - Joint bars

Made in USA


Here's the metal.


Fast-Lane Machines Extended LCG TVP's 45100



Front and rear ready for the TVP's.


Front and Rear End Savage X


Mounted the tranny on the engine plate first:


FLM Engine Plate - 45700




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