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Savage X / CEN Diffs Mod



Having trouble with blown diffs on your Savage? Nitro and especially Flux guys can "go big" and add some beefy differentials from the giant CEN Racing trucks. This one was performed on an X 4.6.


The ones to be had for these are for their Genesis/GST/Nemesis/Arena diffs. It's not a straight drop in, but installing them is very simple. The hardest part these days are actually finding some. Most are found on EBay.


You'll be using the stock HPI outdrives that you'll need to modify for the pins, so depending on how old yours are, this is a good time to replace them. Grab some HPI bearings too, they are better than the CEN ones.


I built and installed mine with the help of SunkenMetal from new parts. But if you find used ones, it's no problem. You'll want to take off and discard the plastic case that contains them.


Here's a shot of the stock X diffs and the CEN diffs. We'll get the gear ratio change thing later.


CEN Diff vs. Savage X diff



You'll need to disassemble the CEN diffs, but before that go ahead and drill out the Savage outdrive holes to 1/8 to fit the pins inside the diff. Again dump the CEN metal bearings and replace them with some 8x16x5mm HPI rubber shielded (B085) or any rubber shielded aftermarket ones.


And don't forget the shims. Use 8x14mm the thickness will be determined by your rig. 8x14 is not an easy one to come by so here are some links. 8x14x.1mm and 8x14x.2mm


Build with the drilled out HPI outdrives and bearings. I filled mine with 10K diff fluid front and back.


CEN Diff Bevel Gears


Large picture of CEN differential part breakdown




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