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Savage X / Convert Nitro to Brushless

Savage X | Brushless Conversion | Nitro form Brushless Converted Savage X



Well, I finally did it and made the decision to convert the beast. I was having trouble tuning it and realized the motor was toast. The clutch bell bearings also blew out, so frustration helped the decision along.


I am holding on to the motor and plan on rebuilding it for fun, and might convert back one day. I am doing this mod to be able to do just that. Using as many stock parts as possible. I am also too cheap to buy a new chassis.



Here are the parts I used:

Tekin RX8/T8 - 2250kv - 4038

Robinson Racing 48T spur

Kershaw Hardened 12T pinion

Kershaw Dual Motor Mount

Flux Idler gear - HPI100905

Titanium Drive Shaft - HPI86345

H/D Drive Gears - HPI102514

H/D Cup Joints - HPI86276

HPI Wheelie Bar - HPI85245

Flux Battery Boxes - HPI100908

Battery Mounting Kit - HPI100909



To start this modification off, the nitro stuff had to come off. And there was a lot of it.


Savage X Brushless Conversion - Nitro Start


I thought about keeping the mechanical brakes, but I am going for simple with the conversion. I saw how well the flux brakes work with the Castle setup, so I figured that's all I need.


Removal Brake Servo



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