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RC How To:

Fix a Cracked Lexan Body



Whether you bash hard or just have an RC buddy that likes to play smash up derby every time you drive your RC, chances are you going to get cracks in your lid. Once a crack starts, there is no stopping until a piece of the body finally tears away.


Bodies are not cheap. Once you buy the paint and masking, they can cost $50 and up. There is something you can do to help if you notice a tear starting.






Materials needed:

Drill bits of various sizes

Lexan Scissors

Drywall tape

Amazing Goop / Shoe Goo / E6000


First thing is to find the crack where it starts and where it ends. Make sure to clean the area really well where you will be repairing. I normally just give the entire body a good cleaning so everything will stick.


Lexan RC Body Repair - Cracked Lid



I trim off any pieces that have been banging the chassis so it will clear to avoid further stress.


Trim extra lexan off



Now you'll want to find the end of the crack and drill a hole there with a drill bit.


Drill hole into lexan RC body



It should look something like this when you are done.


Fixing a RC Body


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