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Clean & Lubricate Your Bearings



Whether you're off-road or on-road, in the sky or on the water, if your R/C has something that turns or spins then it probably needs a bearing. Bearings are one of the most important parts to your car for many reasons and they generally are not cheap. So when your bearings start getting old and not performing up to spec, then it's time to clean them and re-oil them.


Most bearings come with grease which works well. The advantage to grease is how long the lubrication last. The downside is more friction on the bearings slowing them slightly. So for oil it would be opposite. Better lube, but doesn't last as long so more maintenance.


Some people get their new bearings, clean the grease out and oil them immediately. I normally use the grease that's in there for a while and then clean it out and use oil. I also don't remove the seals like some do because the cleaner and oil can penetrate through them.


You'll need: motor spray, bearing oil, and a rag. It can get messy when cleaning.


Bearing Oil Checklist



First thing is to clean the bearings. Dirt, sand, and various types of debris will work its way into the bearing over time regardless of how they are sealed.


I hold the bearing with some pliers, it's optional but expect some cold fingers. The motor spray can get very cold very fast.


Spray a GENEROUS amount into each bearing. You'll normally be able to see the dirt start collecting on your rag and you'll realize how dirty they were.


Motor Spray to Clean Bearings



After spraying them out real good, let them dry which will only take a couple of minutes. The motor spray will dry without a trace.


Next is the oil itself. You can use any bearing oil of your choice, but I have found that the Trinity Royal Oil works the best. It is a super bearing oil that can also be used as a general light penetrating oil. It is repackaged military spec synthetic bearing lubricant for gyros. The lubricant is extremely light and attracts far less dirt than petroleum.


Oiling the Bearings


Place an amount that covers the entire seal, but isn't dumping all over the sides. Give it about 20 minutes to penetrate the seals and then clean the outsides up. Reinstall into vehicle.




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