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OFNA Dodge Viper Body


A couple of reasons I like the GT cars are their size and their realism. And this 1:8 scale Dodge Viper body for GT cars (OFN31144) is perfect for my DM-1. This is also my first attempt at using an airbrush to paint a lid. Being that this is my first airbrush, I wanted to keep it very simple. Keeping with the realism thing, Vipers have simple paint jobs for the most part, so it was a no brainer for me.


Paint used:

Parma Faskolor Fasblack

Parma Faskolor Faskrome

Parma Faskoat


OFNA Dodge Viper Body



I always cut the body before painting; this always lets me smooth everything out with a Dremel without risking messing up the new paint. This body was a little short for the DM-1 Spec, so I had to cut my own rear wheel wells.


Dremel smoothing body



For masking, I used some tape for the racing stripes running down the center of the car and Fasmask behind the door windows.


Masked Taped off Dodge Viper Body


I was originally planning on doing a white with black stripes, but the wife reminded me how cool the Jeep turned out painted chrome and black, so I decided to go with it.


I paint very light coats and a bunch of them, letting them dry between coats.


Light coats of paint



I backed the entire thing in black. These huge lids take a lot of paint, so I am glad I now have an airbrush. I would have used 4 or 5 cans and those add up quick.


Be sure to pull the overspray off before putting the stickers on.


Airbrushed Dodge Viper



Decaled and mounted.


Completed Dodge Viper RC Body


Dodge Viper RC



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